The Story Behind Frontier


How Frontier Started:

In 2022, two visionary friends, Zak and Andrew, embarked on a transformative journey. Frustrated by the limited skincare options available for men, they hatched a bold plan to revolutionize the industry. Thus, Frontier Skincare was born – a beacon of innovation and a testament to their unwavering passion for skincare.

Their mission was clear: to shatter the norms and stereotypes that surrounded male grooming. Zak and Andrew were fueled by a desire to make a positive impact on men's lives through the art of self-care. They envisioned a world where skincare was not just for women but a universal path to confidence and well-being.

Frontier Skincare emerged as a testament to their shared vision. It was not just a business venture; it was a movement. A movement to simplify and demystify skincare for men, making it accessible to all. Armed with a commitment to simplicity, effectiveness, and environmental responsibility, they set out to change the game.

With every product they created, they aimed to empower men with knowledge, offering clear and concise information about each formulation. In this journey, education became a guiding principle, ensuring that every customer could make informed decisions about their skincare regimen.

Sustainability also became a cornerstone of their brand. Zak and Andrew recognized their responsibility towards the planet and integrated eco-friendly practices throughout their operations. From biodegradable packaging materials to environmentally conscious processes, they walked the talk.

Frontier Skincare was more than a brand; it was a promise. A promise to provide men with all-natural products that were not only effective but also easy to incorporate into their daily routines. Their dedication to simplicity and effectiveness was a clarion call to men everywhere.

Our Goal:

Frontier Skincare was born out of a passion for simplicity and effectiveness. We observed that the beauty industry often overwhelms customers with complex routines and ambiguous ingredient lists most commonly geared towards female clientele. Our goal is to demystify skincare and empower our fellow man by providing them with all-natural, cruelty-free, and vegan products that are both effective and easy to understand.

Our products are designed to cater to a wide range of individuals, regardless of their experience level. Whether you're a rookie looking to establish a skincare routine for the first time so you don't start looking like your father too early or a seasoned pro seeking to refine your existing regimen, we are here to support and guide you as your tackle this new frontier in your self care regime.