The Story Behind Frontier

How Frontier Skincare Redefined Men's Skincare

The Birth of an Idea
It was during a catch-up at Zak's house in Ottawa that the seeds of Frontier Skincare were planted. Andrew, visiting from Toronto, shared his frustration over the sparse, confusing options for men’s skincare typically found at local stores. As they talked, both friends laughed about how they often resorted to borrowing their significant others' premium skincare products. This shared experience sparked a bold idea: why not create a skincare brand that catered specifically to men like them?

Forged from Athleticism and Care
Both Zak and Andrew brought a wealth of knowledge and personal experience to the table. As high-level athletes—Zak, a rower and coach, and Andrew, a rugby player—they understood the toll that outdoor sports and rigorous training took on the skin. Their years at Lululemon during university had also instilled in them a deep appreciation for self-care and personal growth. This background made them the perfect duo to tackle the challenge of educating men on skincare.

A Name with a Vision
Choosing the name 'Frontier' was inspired by the duo's fondness for the unexplored territories depicted in the series 1883, a narrative about pioneers venturing into unknown lands. For Zak and Andrew, men's skincare was a similar kind of frontier—a field ripe for exploration and education. They envisioned a world where skincare was an integral part of every man's routine, not just a hurried splash of water on the face.

Simplicity Meets Effectiveness
The first products they developed—a cleanser, an exfoliating scrub, and a moisturizer—were designed to introduce a simple, effective, and natural skincare routine that any man could follow. Their ultimate goal, however, was to create a sunscreen suitable for active lifestyles, reflecting their understanding of the needs of outdoorsy, athletic men.

Rooted in Canada, with a Global Vision
Frontier Skincare prides itself on being a product of Canada, utilizing all-natural ingredients that are both recognizable and pronounceable. Their commitment to sustainability is evident in their packaging—100% compostable mailers—and their dedication to supporting causes like men's health and environmental sustainability.

Empowering Men Everywhere
Today, Frontier Skincare stands as a beacon for men seeking to embrace skincare as part of their daily routine. Zak and Andrew continue to lead the charge, educating and empowering men to take care of their skin with products specifically tailored to their needs. As they look towards launching their new sunscreen by the end of 2024, Frontier Skincare remains dedicated to exploring this new frontier, ensuring that every man can face the world with confidence and well-being.